The Commonwealth: Review 1 | David McFadden

Review, by Erin Colleen Williams

The Commonwealth Series of Lectures at the Ph
iladelphia Art Alliance provides a thoughtful perspective on the current and future states of art, craft, and design. Who more appropriate to speak on these topics than David McFadden, the head curator of the Museum of Art and Design (formerly the American Craft Museum,
controversially renamed in 2002). His lecture, entitled ‘The Blur Zone’, discussed the exciting but also perplexing state of contemporary craft where the traditional disciplines of sculpture, painting, design and craft media have merged to create a new, unified field.
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Image: Geoffrey Mann, Attracted to Light (Long Exposure series), Mfr. Rp Nylon, 35 x 40 x 42 cm, edition of 5 plus AP. Photo: Sylvain Deleu