Great Instrutables Video - Kiki Brown

Great video & sweet design! Way to go Kiki!!
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UARTs ID Junior Laser Cut Flateware Frenzy

Paul Gillespie, UARTs Junior's, YAYAh, featured on the Portfolio section of!
Great work - Check it out!

This piece was a part of the ID Junior's, Lasercut Flatware Project done through!

Look forward to more post like this!

Wes Thoma's, Phillyware!! What can I say...really use the material for what they are capable of doing!!

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SNAG 2009: The REVOLUTION will be televised !

REVOLUTION, the 2009 Society of North American Goldsmiths conference, will take place
May 20-23rd in Philadelphia, birthplace of the American Revolution. Revolution can be
defined in many ways: a sudden change; a movement against a current situation; the
actions of individuals or groups of individuals "revolutionaries." On SNAG's 40th anniversary,this conference will provide the critical context to consider the future of our profession,provide us the opportunity to reflect upon our history, and ultimately celebrate the independent thinkers and decisive movements that ensure change, growth and evolution in our discipline.

Philadelphia is not only known for the Declaration of Independence and the first Capitol,but it is also a city of firsts in the Arts; opening the first art school and art museum in America, and the first and oldest Diamond District in the United States. The city continues its revolution in arts education, as Philadelphia contains three major art schools with three historically strong and distinctive metals programs: TheUniversity of the Arts, Tyler School of Art/Temple University, and Moore College of Art & Design.

The conference will take place in the Loews Hotel, a National Historic Landmark which was Howe & Lescaze's 1932 PSFS (Philadelphia Savings Fund Society) building. This building is widely considered the first International Style skyscraper, and is a dramatic setting for our gathering.

From Independence Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia has much to
explore and enjoy, and is the perfect setting for SNAG 2009. We have an exciting program of speakers and exhibitions that investigates and provokes dialogue, surrounding REVOLUTION from both historical and contemporary perspectives. We hope to see you in May 2009.

For more information:

Doug Bucci & Vickie Sedman
SNAG 2009: Philadelphia Conference Co-Chairs
January 2009

ID @ UARTS: CNC Madness

Kyle Stetz & a group of students at UArts have been mastering a CNC machine. The results are hilarious, but the process is remarkable..

Hats off to you guys!! I am looking forward to see what progresses!